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Find out how to mark person full for a course by way of API


This text covers API that’s used to mark customers full for a course, pattern payload, pre-requisites and find out how to receive pre-requisites.


Integration admin position and directors of Adobe Studying Supervisor account.

API endpoints used:

Admin scope  API

POST /customers/{userId}/userModuleGrade

Necessary Pre-requisites to execute the API:

You possibly can skip this step if you have already got obligatory particulars to execute userModuleGrade API.

  1. Consumer ID

  • Consumer for whom the completion ought to be marked
  • To acquire person ID, you may execute the API: GET /customers (Retrieves the listing of customers for an account)
  1. Course ID

  • Course for which person ought to obtain completion
  • To acquire course ID, you may execute API: GET /learningObjects (Retrieves the main points of studying objects)


  1. Module ID

  • Programs can have a number of modules (like self-paced, VILT and so forth.,) which defines for which particular module the learner ought to be marked full.
  • To acquire module ID, execute API: GET /learningObjects/{id} (Retrieves the main points of a studying object)
  • Embrace parameter:situations.loResources
  • Enter course ID particulars obtained from earlier API in ‘id’ part in format “course:7968486”. Beneath is screenshot for reference.

  • You’ll receive the module ID “loResources” part in response physique:

Pattern payload for userModuleGrade API:

“knowledge”: {
“kind”: “userModuleGrade”,
“attributes”: {
“length”: 1,
“rating”: 20,
“minScore”: 10,
“maxScore”: 20,
“dateCompleted”: “2023-09-20T09:36:36.000Z”,
“dateSuccess”: “2023-09-20T09:36:36.000Z”,
“dateStarted”: “2023-09-19T09:35:57.000Z”,
“began”: true,
“accomplished”: true,
“success”: true
“relationships” : {
“learner” : {
“knowledge” : [
“type”: “user”
“module” : {
“knowledge” : [
“type”: “courseModule”
“course” : {
“knowledge” : [
“type”: “course”

Primary Navigation steps for reference:

Step 1: Login as integration admin of the ALM account > Developer Assets > API References

Step 2: Authorize admin learn and write.

Step 3: Navigate to APIs you need to execute as shared in earlier steps

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